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Banning horse-drawn carriages from roads is no solution as they will be slaughtered – Moira Delia

The case of the horse which dropped dead yesterday in Floriana has caused outrage and many wrote to express their opinion about what happened, especially on social media.

One of those who have spoken up is animal rights activist Moira Delia who in comments to TVM said that in summer horse-drawn carriages should not be allowed to operate on the roads.

Moira Delia said that there should also be a limit on the age of the horses which are used by the karozzini because she feels that if horses are too old they should no longer be used.

She does not fel that a complete ban on horse-drawn carriages is a good solution, unless the Government would be ready to buy the permits from the cabbie drivers and the horses, in order to transfer them to a sanctuary or petting farms.

Moira Delia said that if a ban is imposed it means that the horses will be tied up perpetually in garages, or be sent to slaughter.

Even the PN reacted on this issue, with the Opposition Spokesman for animal welfare Mario Galea saying that measures need to be taken to protect the health of the horses during the hot weather months.

In  statement, he said that horse owners should meet with horse carriage owners or their representatives to see what measures can be taken so that while these horse owners can keep earning their livelihood this is not done to the detriment of the horses’ health even though they are not deliberately trying to abuse them.

Mr Galea said that in summer, horses should be protected during certain times of the day when the heat is at its peak, by giving them a wider access to tents spread around the country and access to fresh water at all times. The maximum load a horse can carry should also be ascertained and imposed by the authorities. New routes should be considered and a minimum type established for a horse to rest, especially when the sun reaches its peak.

He said that the measures agreed upon which are taken by the Animal Welfare Department should be enforced and whoever is caught should be made to pay for his actions.

Yesterday on social media, the Parliamentary Secretary for Animal Welfare, Clint Camilleri ordered  the veterinarian and the Department of Social Welfare to go immediately on site to assist the horse, and determine the facts which led to this incident.

Mr Camilleri said that he would be closely following the case, so that these incidents can be reduced as much as possible He said the existing laws covering karozzini need to be revised.

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