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Project permitting groceries to reduce electricity and water consumption

In a effort to reduce electricity and water consumption, groceries will be audited to be given counselling on how to use their electronic equipment efficiently without environmental damage.

The assistance will be given by the Energy and Water Agency, together with the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises Chamber, who signed an agreement on a pilot project in groceries. Energy and Enterprises Minister Miriam Dalli said that the MERĊA project will initially start with groceries and will extend to other businesses in the future.

Energy and Water Agency’s chief executive Manuel Sapiano said that the agreement will assist groceries which do not have enough resources to make the necessary calculations and reduce their electricity and water consumption. He also said that with the project, the Government will introduce in the future measures addressed towards this sector.

SMEs Chamber chief executive Abigail Mamo said that details will be collected from grocery shops on the consumption of energy in these shops. “Our appeal is that groceries, supermarkets and these type of shops contact us if they are interested in these projects….however we will be contacting them to inquire about the amount of participants in this first phase. In the future, a more detailed audit will be carried out on their consumption and the changeover to a less electricity and water consumption system with the assistance of the Government”.

Minister Miriam Dalli stated that few realise how much groceries consume energy and water, adding that this project is expected to reduce the carbon dependency is various sectors of the economy.

“As a Government, we are providing incentives to different sectors, including the small enterprises in the country. Therefore, we are starting with the groceries, situated in many localities, which  consume much energy due to fridges, freezers. We will see how we can assist them through this scheme”.