Project to ease flooding in Birzebbugia expected to start after summer

An inconvenience which has been annoying Birzebbugia residents for years will be addressed through a project which  Infrastructure Malta said will begin towards the end of summer.

The project is intended to ease the problems caused when the sea swells or after a storm, as a result of which the area of  Dawret il-Qalb Imqaddsa near the local council always ends up being flooded.

As the summer season gets under way, St George’s Bay in Birzebbugia is dotted by sea vessels and fishermen with their rods who take advantage of the fact that the sea is calm.  This scene is in great contrast to when the area is hit by a storm from the northeast, known as il-grigalata, with the waves pounding the shore, and the sea levels reaching street level, sometimes as high as ten inches, causing headaches for residences and all those who drive through this area with their cars.

After years of complaints, Birzebbugia residents will be finally listened to because in September, Infrastructure Malta will launch a project at an investment of €400,000 to cope with the flooding problem with the least effects to the surrounding buildings.

“We are going to widen the existing culverts, and create culverts where necessary to ease the problem and finally we will also resurface the area with new asphalt,” said Engineer Robert Schembri, Executive Director of Infrastructure Malta.

Mr Schembri explained that the project is part of a series of interventions which are being carried out in the area, including the re-building of Triq Żaren Dalli which begins from near the parish church and leads to the promenade. Mr Schembri said that work will soon begin on Triq it-Tankijiet which leads to the same area.

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