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Proposal of new draft bill on cohabitation

A new draft bill on cohabitation is to be presented to the Cabinet of Ministers in the coming days.

This was announced by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Governance Edward Zammit Lewis, who has met formally for the first time with the Notarial Council.

Minister Zammit Lewis mentioned how crucial the Notarial Council had been in the gender identity sector when new mechanisms had been introduced in this regard, which had then been implemented with efficiency by the Notarial Council.

Dr Zammit Lewis added that a new draft law on cohabitation is to be presented to the Cabinet of Ministers, and from that point, the process can then be initiated by Government for the draft to be discussed in the House, with the aim of introducing a law for couples living under the same roof to be covered by legal certainty regarding their position.

The Notarial Council welcomed this news and stated it had immediately found the space to present, as a Council, notarial proposals in the context of structured dialogue.

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