Proposes initiative of collective development to avoid small buildings

In recent years, there were many persons who availed themselves of the opportunity to develop their existing properties or demolish them to build new apartments instead.

This reality brought about building developments that were the centre of criticism due to their aesthetic feature, particulary because high buildings were unparallel with the rest of the buildings in the same street, even if this respects the development scheme or due to the small size of the apartments built.

Speaking recently on ‘Popolin’ programme, the Developers’ Association President Sandro Chetcuti said that planners and those who regulate construction in the country never holistically considered the locality so that, through a clear vision, a decision is taken on the development after considering theĀ  the environment context of the locality itself.

He stated that many people currently accuse developers and contractors with misery when they see a seven-story building among a number of two-storey houses, however if the law permits such development, the developer will purchase the land with a price compared to the land’s potentiality.

In this context, Mr Chetcuty proposed a commitment, with the participation of all interested parties, for a holistic agreement built on a clear and collective vision that considers the interests of everyone for a more effective regeneration of the buildings. He added that the idea is that, instead of developing plots on an individual basis, incentives are created for collective projects on a whole area. This method will do away with single plots but will entail development on an area of plots intended to preserve the beauty and aesthetic features of the area.