Proposal that by 2030 all vehicles entering Valletta will be electric powered

The Valletta Cultural Agency is proposing that in nine years’ time only electric powered vehicles will be able to enter the capital city. The Agency has launched long-term proposals to enable Valletta to have a much cleaner air and suffer much less pollution.

Agency Chairman Jason Micallef told TVM the vision is that of a green capital city as inspired by the ecological success of the Valletta Design Cluster and to make Valletta as Malta’s first green city. This will have cleaner air, a beautiful environment and will improve the quality of life.

The Agency is proposing that in the forthcoming Budget the Government offers incentives so that the community, shops, enterprises and Government buildings turn to the use of solar energy.

It is also being proposed that all vehicles carrying out services in Valletta, including those used for collecting refuse, will be electric powered and are all the same size. Public transport used from the Blata l-Bajda Park & Ride should also all be electric powered. By 2030, Jason Micallef explained, all vehicles entering Valletta, including that of residents, should be electric and suggested the Government proposes a subsidy.

He said in future it should be considered there should be more pedestrian zones and squares in Valletta stretching from Pjazza Indipendenza in front of St Paul’s Pro-Cathedral to Triq l-Arċisqof and parts of Triq San Kristofru.

Another proposal is that from 2030 onward, new permissions for hotels, apartments, restaurants and other entertainment outlets will only be granted to those that assure they cause no environmental damage.

Micallef said these are some of the proposals that can be achieved and although some may be controversial because they will produce changes to our current culture and way of life, the country should look forward to a cleaner status and the community can enjoy a better and more tranquil lifestyle as well as more green spaces.

The Agency is also proposing that the Police Station be relocated to Misraħ il-Ħelsien which is currently one of the most abandoned areas in Valletta. Another proposal is that over the next four years more buildings are embellished with roof gardens as that of the roof of the Valletta Design Cluster.