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Provisional agreement between EU countries on coast guards and border guards

Member States of the European Union and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement this morning on a new EU law regarding coast guards and border guards, which has been put together and negotiated by MEP Roberta Metsola.

It was declared in  statement issued by the Maltese delegation of the PPE that this law will translate into an increase of 10,000 coastguards and border guards, as well as persons placed along European frontiers in an attempt to address immigration and frontier crime.

It is also stated that the process for those not eligible for European protection will become more efficient and cooperation with third countries will increase, with guarantees for fundamental rights. The new law will provide the necessary tools for external frontier use to fight crime between the same frontiers.

MEP Metsola stated she is satisfied with the achievement of this provisional agreement, which will address one of the greatest concerns of citizens within the Union. Metsola added that the law on European Coast Guards and Border Guards will change the way Europe manages its borders.

The final vote on the law will be taken in April.




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