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Psychologist appeals to persons not to judge mother who abandoned baby

Until baby boy Cristiano, found abandoned in Buġibba, continues with his recovery in hospital in good health, the authorities are drafting plans for his care and protection. TVM is informed that when Cristiano is dismissed from hospital, his first home will be with the Ursoline Sisters.

Magistrate Joe Mifsud, who is leading the inquiry, has appointed Steve Libreri, manager at the Child Protection Services, to provide assistance in the inquiry. The Magistrate is working closely with Inspector Godwin Scerri from the Qawra Station and the Foundation of Social Services Protection, in what has been described as a delicate case.

In a statement, Family and Children’s Rights Ministry said that Magistrate Mifsud informed the Foundation’s chief executive that Aġenzija Appoġġ may start the procedures so that the baby is placed under a care order.

“During the interim care order period, an assessment will be made of the family if the latter presents itself, so that we examine the reasons for what happened, and we see what is best for the baby. In cases of abandonment, that is the parents do not come over to take their baby, it may be that the baby is given for adoption”, Ingrid Vassallo, Operations Manager at Aġenzija Appoġġ said.

This is not the first case of its kind in Malta. Such cases present two scenarios: either the baby is left abandoned or, on the other hand, the baby is given an opportunity to live.

Psychologist Roberta Farrugia Debono, who specializes in family issues, said that whoever carried out the gesture, did not act with lack of thinking.

“To protect the baby or to give the best for the baby, she wanted to make that gesture. So we have to understand this person and why she did it, and also to understand if she did so with love for the baby although it doesn’t appear so in our minds. However, she understood it was the best solution for her in that moment”, Farrugia Debono said.

The psychologist added that in such circumstances there are many services to assist both the baby and its family. She stressed that the worst thing that one may do is to judge this family, because no one knows their story.

“It is very wise that, instead of judging, we try to assist. Instead of judging we try to understand the person than being cruel in the way we speak on persons”.

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