Police help young woman who lost her way to return back home

A young woman trying to return home who lost her way expressed her thanks on social media after Police helped her find her way back home.

She recounted she was driving back home but as the bypass from Marsa to St Julian’s had been closed she tried to drive through another road she was not familiar with.

She said she ended up in an area where there were a few cars and was badly lit and she began to feel afraid. She spotted two Police vehicles and pulled up alongside them to ask for directions. However, they realised that she could fully understand their directions beyond the next two roads and so they asked her to follow them.

On arriving at Msida she realised where she was located and was thus then able to drive back home.

The young woman said it may have been a relatively small matter but Police work is rarely appreciated. However, she found them really helpful and they went out of their way to assist her.