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“Before he died he kissed my hands and said he much loved me”

The niece of Ġorġ Agius, who passed away two days ago and was buried this afternoon, will certainly experience his great loss after spending so many years caring for him.

Interviewed by TVM, Doris Sultana said her uncle had changed her life and she expressed the hope that he be remembered with a monument in the city of his birth or at the hospital.

In the city of his birth and in the church where he spent much time praying, today a final farewell was given to Ġorġ Agius who for more than 50 years of his life spent his time preaching the Word of God and through his prayers relating a message of faith and love for each other.

Broken-hearted Doris Sultana said she can hardly come to terms with not being able to visit her uncle once more, an uncle she loved so much. She said he had clasped her hands together and had given her a kiss and that was at San Vincenz eight days ago.

Doris described the moments she used to spend with her uncle. She said she used to visit him accompanied by her husband and a spirit of peace reigned and when they left him they felt a spirit of happiness.

Before three years ago he entered the San Vincenz de Paule Residence, Ġorġ spent his life with his three brethren including his sister Ġuże who always took great care of him.

‘Ġorġ tal-Mużew,’ as he was known, was highly skilled and versatile at inventing impromptu rhymes and relating them to persons he met.

Niece Doris Sultana said her wishes are that he be remembered in a monument either in Vittoriosa or at Mater Dei Hospital.

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