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He told me “she’s alright” when his wife was already dead – a neighbour

An autopsy on the corpse of Janet Harvey, the elderly British woman who was found dead in her St Paul’s Bay residence, concluded that there were no signs of violence on her body. It is believed that the elderly woman had been dead for around three months, while investigators on the case are convinced that this is not a case of murder. Mystery surrounds the circumstances why her husband left his wife’s dead body in the residence where he lived.

One of Janet Harvey’s neighbours, who was found dead in her home yesterday, said that a short while ago she had asked her husband about her and he had replied that she was alright.

In an interview with TVM, Joan Gauci who lives a couple of doors away, said the English woman had not been out shopping for almost a year and had spent some time in hospital while her husband used to take her out now and again to a bar.

On Monday evening, the Police found the decomposed body of the dead woman after officials from the British High Commission in Malta requested them to inquire about her. It is understood that relatives of the woman in England contacted the High Commission as her husband used to tell them that she was fine, however they had not spoke to her for a long time.

Police officers entered into the apartment through a window, assisted by members of the Civil Protection. They found her husband, Russell Harvey, later on at a bar near the apartment. Sources said that the corpse was on a single bed covered with blankets. Her husband slept at the upper floor of the residence.

There were also six cats at the residence. Efforts are underway to find an alternative home for the pets. Apart from an awful strong odor at the residence, it was also noted there the residence was dirty and lacked sanitation.

Sources said that it was also established that in November, Janet had a medical appointment at Mater Dei, which she did not attend. The same sources said her husband collaborated with the Police and indicated that his wife died in November.  Police investigations are ongoing.

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