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Qatar to establish record as the smallest country ever to organise World Cup competition

Qatar is moving towards a new record as the smallest country ever to organise the World Cup competition, even if its hot climate and the fact it lacks a great football tradition, makes this mission more difficult. Qatar will also be the first Arab country to organise this football spectacle.

Qatar is carrying out ambitious projects of land reclamation and building nine ultra-modern stadiums for the 2022 World Cup – many of them have been completed or nearly finished.

The small Arab Gulf nation, with a population amounting to less that of Malta, is capable of making wonders as its rich architecture at Doha’s financial centre shows, together with an ultra-modern airport and its Qatar Airways which competes with the world’s best airlines. The airline is establishing itself as a centre of travel with flights to all continents, with 160 destinations including Malta.

Qatar’s rich history, its natural attractions, including the country’s desert area with a modern and interactive national museum speaks wonders.

The Arab country is considered by the United Nations among the most advanced countries in human development in the Arab World, with big investments in health and education, among others. This is all possible through its huge income from natural gas exports. It developed as a cosmopolitan country also through the influx of foreign workers from many countries – some 2.3 million, seven times greater than Qatar’s citizens.

During a visit to Qatar, we admired the country’s progress however we also observed that foreign workers’ rights do not compare with those enjoyed by locals and it is far from the rights that one expects in Western countries. However, the country is a wonder where certain harmony exists even if it has cold political and diplomatic relations with neighbouring countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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