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Bays being cleaned before the start of summer

The Cleansing and Maintenance Division annually ensures that the marine infrastructure is of an adequate and secure nature for public use.

The Division always endeavours to give a better and more adequate product and annually fixes over 340 ladders, 30 deck mats, and eight bridges that take swimmers directly into the sea while over 1,000 refuse disposal containers are distributed.

Minister Owen Bonnici praised the work being carried out by the Division to keep bays clean and in good condition. He said maintenance is being carried out throughout the year while seven employees are engaged on these facilities to carry out the annual maintenance work outside the summer months.

Parliamentary Secretary, Deo Debattista, recalled that the February storms had caused a lot of damages around the shores, damages that amounted to €40,000. He said 150 ladders had to be manufactured, 80 hand rails and over 100 new brackets on which refuse disposal bins are placed.

The Division’s Director General, Ramon Deguara, reminded the public that whoever feels it necessary to report any illegal dumping of refuse to ring 1718 or use the mobile app ‘Clean and Upkeep’.