Spanish Court decrees joint custody of a dog to a separated couple

A Spanish Court has ruled joint custody of a dog – a bitch – to a couple who went to Court to determine the custody of the bitch when they separate.

A Madrid Court determined that both the woman as well as the man are responsible for the bitch named Panda.

The lawyer who took the case to Court described this as “an unprecedented decision”.

Currently in Spain a new Legal Amendment is in progress aimed at not treating animals as an object but as “a live entity”.

This status will make it easier for partners to gain joint custody when their relationship ends.

Lawyer Lola Garcia said this was an important decision because her client has not only been declared as Panda’s owner but is also responsible for her care and welfare.

In Court she presented a contract of Panda’s adoption, veterinary bills and pictures of the three together, just like that of a family picture of a couple with child.

The Court decided there was evidence of a relationship of love and care by the woman toward Panda and she deserved to have custody.

As a result of the decision, Panda will spend a month with the man and a month with the woman.