Questions raised about sex robots – scientists’ warning

Researchers have warned on the psychological and moral damage they believe is caused when artificial intelligence is used for sexual aims.

They maintain that the production of sex robots is unregulated and that government agencies are not investigating the sector as it is considered embarassing.

Dr Christine Hendren from Duke University in the U.S. was among the critics on the unregulated production while addressing the annual meeting of the American Association of Advanced Science.

Dr Hendren stated that certain robots are programmed to protest during a sexual act with the consequence of creating a rape scenario.

Others are designed to resemble children, with the Japanese company owner who manufactures them declaring that he is a pedophile, also stating that robots are a means for persons like him to avoid damaging real children.

Other robot developers in the United States say that their robots are capable of building a relationship with their owner, including remembering aspects about the person such as habits and experiences.

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