Rabat church “where St Paul used to live” to become Basilica

The Vatican has welcomed the request by the Maltese Archbishop Mons Charles J. Scicluna, for the Church of St Paul in Rabat to be bestowed the title of Minor Basilica. The news was given by the Rabat Archpriest, Canon Louis Suban during a solemn mass which last night commemorated the liturgical feast of the martyrdom of apostle St Paul.  The Archpriest also unveiled the new arms of the Basilica which has as its motto, “San Pawl lived here”.

Canon Suban said that the fact that the church was chosen to be a Basilica is international recognition that the Church is intimately linked to the life of St Paul. Tradition states that St Paul lived in a grotto, underneath the church, when he came to Malta in 60 AC

Officially, this title will be bestowed on 20 September during a Mass led by the Archbishop where the decree by Pope Francis will be read by means of which this parish and Collegiate will be made into a Basilica. The next morning, on 21 September, the titular statue of St Paul will be carried in a pilgrimage along the streets of Rabat.

VIDEO MEMORABBLI Jithabbar li hareg id-Digriet biex il-Knisja Kolleggjata ta' San Pawl tar-Rabat, Malta ssir BAZILKA.

Gepostet von Cristino Xuereb am Dienstag, 30. Juni 2020

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