Rabbits, birds and poultry on show at Mount Carmel hospital

Rabbits, birds and poultry are on show at Mount Carmel hospital in Attard as three exhibitions and competitions are being held today.

Three areas at Mount Carmel were changed into exhibition halls to attract visitors who love animals and poultry.

A variety of rabbits are being exhibited, from small ones to those considered as ‘giants’ but the different breeds of rabbits on show also include the Maltese element – the wild rabbit. During the years this breed has become rare in the Maltese Islands, a fact that led Massimo Micallef to start a project on the regeneration of the breed. He told tvm.com.mt that he is making searches for the rabbit in garigue land, mostly the Dingli and Għar Lapsi areas.

“I built a big aviary with stones, trees and hideouts specially for the animal. My aim is that when they multiply I let them loose”, Micallef said.

Carmelo Catania, representing the Malta Fancy Poulty and Pigeon Club, said that the poultry breeds include chickens such as the black Maltese, those known as ‘tal-kalzetti’ that are very popular with people and various breeds of pigeons.

Another hall at Mount Carmel is a rainbow of colours with various breeds of canaries.