Racism motive behind attack in Sweden

Racism seems to have been the motive behind the murder of a student and a teacher at a Swedish school.

The tragedy took place yesterday when a man with his face covered, and armed with a sword, killed a teacher and a student. Two other people were grievously injured before the aggressor was shot and killed by the police.

The police said that there was complete chaos at the school located in the city of Trollhattan. The case took place in the canteen of Kronan primary and middle school which is attended by 400 students. At the time of the incident, the students were seen running to escape from the building. Trollhattan is near Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The King of Sweden has described the country as being in a collective state of shock.

From searches made by the police at the aggressor’s apartment, and after examining his actions during the attack, it appears that he was motivated by racism. Meanwhile the media has reported that the attack could have been motivated by extreme right-wing views.

Because of what the aggressor was wearing, namely a helmet, a mask and a sword, some of the students thought he was wearing a Halloween costume and even tried to pose with him for a photo.