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Sicilian village isolated by ice

troina-enna-747x420Italian military personnel spent the night removing ice from the Sicilian village of Troina which ended up isolated from the rest of the island because of the great amount of ice that blocked all roads and trapped people in their houses.

One of the village residents, 80-year-old Benedetto Schinotta, said that regardless of his age, he had to remove ice from around his house because there was nobody to look after him and he needed to leave his house to buy foodstuffs and perform other functions.

Residents of Troina, which is 1,200 metres above sea level, have spent the last five days trying to shovel ice but their efforts were greatly hampered by continually dropping temperatures and more ice falls. Over the last week eight people have died throughout Italy because of freezing temperatures, most of them in the south of Italy.

troina-1-420x420Many other areas in Europe have affected citizens, particularly in the Balkans regions where the Danube River has been covered by frozen ice leaving ducks stranded without their being able to take to water and with temperatures in Sarajevo dropping to minus 27 degrees.

Those worst affected are immigrants who have no roof over their heads.

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