St Julian’s farmer catches a man entering his farm and molesting the sheep

The unusual behaviour of a flock of sheep in a St Julian’s farm caused concerns among farmers as to what was the purpose of a man who was caught hiding in straw in the flock enclosure.

In security camera film footage from cameras placed outside the farm the man was seen entering the enclosure at least four times over a period of five weeks and spending about an hour with the sheep. The Police said the man is to be arraigned in Court to be charged with having gained illegal entry into a private property.

Ġiljan Attard aged 63 has spent a lifetime breeding sheep on his St Julian’s farm. He said his sheep were showing signs of being terrified and acting in a manner never experienced previously.

In a comment to TVM, Ġiljan said that over the last six weeks his nephew Sean Mangion and he had noticed the unusual behaviour being shown by a flock of 70 sheep.

He said he became aware that somebody was entering their enclosure because unusually they were bunching closely together and his nephew had told him that somebody was entering the enclosure and having sex with the sheep. He said his sister’s son had immediately perceived this and he had asked him whether this could be possible. Ġiljan found this hard to believe.

He said the man had entered four times and on the last occasion the Police had caught the man who was securing his waist belt and was disturbing the sheep.

The man was caught entering the farm by security cameras

Ġiljan and his nephew said that nothing was missing from the farm but the unusual behaviour of the sheep in a particular pen made them inspect the security cameras and they noticed the man breaking into the farm.

The footage showed the man had entered the farm at least three times between 20th July and 14th August and each time had spent an hour with the sheep and then left. On 25th August the Police were called and they found the man concealed in straw in the pen.

Responding to questions made by TVM, the Police said that officials from the St Julian’s Police Station had gone on the spot and found a foreign man. Security camera footage shows the man entering private property but only feature the external part of the farm and not the enclosure where sheep are kept.

The man is expected to be arraigned in Court to be charged with having illegally entered private property without permission.