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Rainfall causes some damage to feasts decorations

Today’s rain showers with thunders on the first day of the summer season caused floods in various localities where rain water gathers, and among others, gave a great hassle to Qormi and Siġġiewi feast enthusiasts to protect feast decorations and statues from rain damage.

The rain storm occurred in the early afternoon hitting localities such as Imrieħel, Qormi and Siġġiewi. Although rainfall was not severe it caused great inconvenience to drivers and especially to feasts enthusiasts. At Siġġiewi and Qormi, where street feast decorations were almost in place for the weekend feasts, enthusiasts had to work hard to protect them from the rain.

The director of the Qormi St George’s feast decorations stated: “we were prepared; I phoned the MET office at 11.30 am and they warned us of the rainfall, 75%. We started immediately covering the statues, but did not finish everything”. Asked if the rain caused any damages, he said that they were checking but they have statues made of papier-mache which may have been damaged.

The Meteorological Office said that the rainfall on the Maltese Islands was the result of stormy weather which hit Sicily and then advanced to Malta. It added that the stormy weather is not a rare occasion and it neither means that summer is not approaching.

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