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Wants to help others after facing death

A few months ago his life seemed to be approaching its end and caused him fears he would be departed from his beloved children for ever. Paul Borg who is 51-years-old, last April underwent a major heart operation in England and says that as he has now been given a chance to remain alive he wants to do his very best to help others.

After suffering cardiac problems for 23 years, last March, Borg was informed he was speedily to proceed to England because his heart aorta had grown so large he was in imminent danger of death. Paul said he comes from a family that suffers cardiac problems, including his mother and brother who passed away after suffering serious heart problems. He said that when informed he was in imminent danger of death a dark mist enveloped his vision.

He said his first reactions were concern for his children and family and questions as to whether he would remain alive or not, reactions that left him speechless.

In England he underwent two operations that changed his aorta and provided him with a new valve. Accompanying him in England were his sister and his two and this was possible as a result of accommodation provided by Puttinu. Paul said the fact he was surrounded by his family makes him highly grateful to the Puttinu Foundation that helps thousands of families who have to undergo medical treatment in England.

He said his appeal is that Puttinu and the public remain of great utility so that when people knock on their door they find a shoulder of support and thank God that somebody has taken them in hand to provide accommodation for themselves and their families.

Now, Paul feels that having been given a new lease of life, he wants to help patients like himself and will therefore be participating in the Puttinu Marathon that will take place between this Friday and Sunday at the Marsa Sports Ground, a marathon of football, song, entertainment and games for children, a feat of celebration and solidarity to be transmitted by TVM.

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