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Ramps and pavements: is there enough enforcement?

On the occasion of the International Day for the Disabled, Malta’s Commissioner for the Disabled, Oliver Scicluna, lamented the fact that throughout the year several disabled persons are ending up with their backs to the wall because of the fact that there is a substantial shortage of accessibility around the Maltese Islands.

On a positive note, Mr Scicluna added that following a call by the National Commission for the Disabled, in recent days Transport Malta has held discussions with a number of local entities, including the Local Councils’ Association, with the aim of tackling some of the infrastructural shortcomings in Malta and Gozo, leading to speedy action being taken.

Mr Scicluna admitted, however, that much remains to be done, despite all the efforts over the years.

Mr Scicluna mentioned, among others, that the problem goes beyond physical accessibility. He mentioned, as an example, that if persons with hearing impairment are attending a conference, he would expect that these persons would be able to follow the proceedings through sign language, thus not feeling left out.

Mr Scicluna appealed for the disability sector to be taken with more seriousness, even because of the Commission’s lack of resources.

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