Re-opening the airport is a step in the right direction – MHRA

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association has welcomed the decision of the Government to re-open the airport although it still maintains its  position that it would be better for the tourism sector if the airport had to re-open 15 June.

In a statement the President of the MHRA Tony Zahra said that in the circumstances, time is essential however the Government has taken its decision and the tourism sector needs to strengthen its efforts and operations to revive the economy.

It added, however, that re-opening the airport and ports will not automatically lead to the same economic conditions we had prior to the outbreak fo the pandemic.

Mr Zahra said that hotels and restaurants need the support of the Government to cope with their business expenses until the markets react to the new economic reality.

He added that the weeks to come will present challenges and decisions will have to be taken on restructuring in order to protect employment and the sustainability to manage operations.

The MHRA said that it would continue to work with all the stakeholders to ensure that Malta is promoted as a safe destination where one can have fun.