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Ready to go to Police Commissioner if he is informed about who dumped waste at Imġarr valley

The President of the Developers Association, Sandro Chetcuti, condemned without any reserve the dumping of construction waste in the natural environment and the Imġarr valley.

He stated that MDA has a hint on who dumped the construction waste at the Imġarr valley and he is ready to refer the case to the Police Commissioner.

The dumping of the construction waste at the valley in the limits of Imġarr was described by Mr Chetcuti as a criminal act, which should be condemned without any reserve. Speaking to TVM, Mr Chetcuti said that MDSA is inquiring on who might have committed the environmental disfigurement.

“We are greatly shocked by the act of a few persons who committed these stupidities and we will be strict within our limitations. If we get to know who it was and we already suspect who they are, I will be the first to go to the Police Commissioner to see that the Police take action against this criminal act”.

Referring to the construction waste dumping problem, Mr Chetcuti said that the Government is considering three alternatives.

“The government told us that in the coming days he will be holding a cabinet meeting to decide to take over the Government’s quarries; it will see the ERA permits at Hurds Bank, so that dumping can be carried out there…clean waste”.

MDA president added that another solution under consideration is land reclamation at sea, which may assist industries that are important for the Maltese economy.

“We may create artificial reefs environment, that may also attract tourists, similar to other countries, and we shouldn’t fear that we are building some apartments at sea”.

Mr Chetcuti said that not every quarry may be used for construction waste dumping, adding that he hopes that the Government takes a decision shortly to that the industry continues to operate.