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Record COVID-19 cases in Canada – hospitals’ warning

The rate of Covid infections in Canada’s largest province reached a record figure as hospitals are warning of a total collapse.

Experts said that infections in Ontario may increase by 600% till next June if measures on public health remain weak and the vaccination rollout is not increased.

For the first time since the emergence of the pandemic, Canada last week registered more cases every million people than the United States. 22% of Canadians have already received the first dose against coronavirus, compared with 37% of the U.S.

Ontario is now introducing stricter measures to contain the pandemic, with people ordered to stay at home for six weeks, restrictions on non-essential travel and checkpoints along the Quebec and Manitoba borders. The Police were given wider powers to enforce the restrictions on people.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised assistance to Toronto – Canada’s biggest city which has been widely affected by the increase in new cases.