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Recounts experiences in war zones including in Afghanistan and Iraq

Admiral Lionel Jarvis is in Malta to give a talk on his experiences in war zones, including in Afghanistan and Iraq, and provide his observations on current challenges for the world and civilisation.

Admiral Jarvis served in top posts in the British Royal Navy – he was assistent medical director in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2012 when the allied forces, led by the United States and the U.K., were fighting the Taliban and also served in Iraq.

From an environment he described as characterized by poverty and limited natural resources, he made a series of observations on health services regarding the connections he sees between advances in medicine, the state of war and global threats.

”There are going to be shortages potentially of food, water and fuel in parts of the world, aggravated and sometimes caused by changes to the climate.”

After spending a period in Qatar in a socio-medical project, Admiral Jarvis concludes that the world is inflicted by challenges such as climate and population trends. He says that factors such as pollution and a change in economic powers, together with a shortage of resources and technology advances will leave a mark on future generations. He proposes a number of solutions that possibly serve as a bridge to enhance the sustainability of a civilised world.

”And then there is adaption to manage our lifestyles, our cities and the environment and reduce the impact of climate change, and on the first, mitigation, there are huge advances being made in terms of reducing carbon emissions.”

Admiral Lional Jarvis, who is also a surgeon, leads the St John’s Order in the United Kingdom and chairs the St. John Ambulance. The charitable organisation has some 10,000 members in the U.K.

”The venerable order of St John is a global humanitarian charity operating across 41 countries of which Malta is one…”

Proceeds from Admiral Jarvis’ talk will go to the restoration project of the Pro-Anglican Cathedral in Valletta.


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