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Recounts how the Duke was admonished for staying out late with the Princess

In the wake of today’s last farwell to Prince Philip, TVM met with couple Elizabeth and Carmel Pule. Elizabeth’s mother used to work with the Royal Couple when they lived in Malta while maintaining a strong relationship between the two families.

Elizabeth Pule spent part of her childhood at Villa Guaramangia when her mother Jessie used to take care of the villa and also the personal affairs of the Royal residents who lived there, including Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.

She recalled that the Prince was an adventureous young man and during his stay in Malta, he used to take the Princess out till late at night, and he was even admonished by Lord Mountbatten.

“They arrived, I think it was from the front door and as he came in from the garigor stairs and passed by the kitchen, he called him and told him ‘you know that you are going out with England’s future queen. Be attentive, ok!’ Because he was concerned about their whereabouts”.

Their Malta memoirs remained in Pule couple’s heart and when the Royal couple visited Malta they always met Elizabeth and her husband, Prof Carmel Pule and were also invited on board the Royal Brittania at the Grand Harbour.

“He was always concerned whether Malta had found its way towards economic security, about unemployment and if we could manage things ourselves, as we were under the British”.

Elizabeth recalled on her last meeting with the Queen and Prince Philip in Malta in 2007 when the Duke recognised her among the crowd.

“She had asked him ‘where did you see her?’….he pointed at us with his hand and she came from behind the cars and came towards us….she thanked me and pressed my hand as usual and left. That was the last time I saw her with him”.

The close relationship between the Pule couple and the Royal couple reflects the beautiful moments that the couple had in Malta and their respect for the Maltese.