Reduction of measures for restaurants and bars in Malta accepting only vaccinated clients

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne has announced that a number of restaurants and bars in Malta have expressed the wish to accept only clients who are fully vaccinated against Covid.

Dr Fearne made it clear during a media conference that the Health Department will not be imposing this procedure on the establishments, but it will be reducing restrictive measures for these establishments which voluntarily opt for this decision.

Dr Fearne stated that in the coming days the Public Health Superintendent will be meeting with representatives of the establishments wishing to accept only clients with a certificate of vaccination, in order to determine what protocols are to be followed.

Dr Fearne added that measures that might be changed for these establishments include a shorter distance between tables and an extension of operating hours.

During the same media conference, Dr Fearne announced that with effect from this Friday, anyone coming from dark red countries and who is vaccinated, in possession of a certificate, and resident in Malta can now quarantine at their home and no longer in a hotel.

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