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Reduction of sentence for Maltese youth who killed man in Poland

The 17-year-old Maltese youth who had knocked down and killed a Polish cyclist in June 0f 2018 has had his sentence reduced by the Warsaw Court following an appeal.

The youth, who was only referred to as Piero C by the Polish media, had lost control of his vehicle and hit the 77-year-old cyclist when he was driving along a narrow street in Warsaw. The youth was driving at twice the speed limit, did not have a licence, and was reported to have been under the effects of cannabis.

The youth had originally been handed down a four-year jail sentence as well as a driving ban for life. Following the appeal, the sentence was reduced to three and a half years, and the driving ban was reduced to ten years.

This after the Magistrate noted that the Maltese youth had used cannabis, but had not been under its influence.


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