Referendum before end of year on the re-building of Vittoriosa Clock Tower

During the coming months Vittoriosa will be involved as protagonists in the commemoration of the Great Siege in September and the meeting of Heads of Commonwealth Countries (CHOGM) in November and now the Vittoriosa Local Council is planning to hold a referendum among residents before the end of the year who will be asked whether the Vittoriosa Clock Tower should be re-built.

Vittoriosa Mayor John Boxall said the 2,400 residents would be eligible to vote in the consultative referendum. The Mayor said the Council would have to settle on a date in December for the referendum and thereby settle the Clock Tower issue once and for all.

Boxall said that after the April elections the Council had unanimously voted for re-building of the tower that had been demolished during the Second World War. However, in recent months there had been debates in the city and doubts had been expressed whether the tower should be re-built or not, where it is to be re-built and other issues which may have come about because of lack of information.

He said the Council would be giving explanations, exhibiting models, showing photographs of how the tower had been and presenting artistic impressions of how it could be re-built. Some were objecting to the removal of parking spaces in Victory Square but the Council planned to solve this problem.

Discussions were taking place with Vittoriosa football club so that the Fortini Ground which they had on lease could be made available to a private investor who had plans to create a parking facility on condition that parts of the space would be reserved for residents.

The Vittoriosa Clock Tower was built in the 16th century and was a focal landmark in the area. The company Alf Mizzi & Sons had offered to foot half the expenses expected to reach more than €300,000. The Infrastructure Ministry had promised labour and material so an exact replica of the tower could be re-built in the centre of the square

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