Reform announced in Disability Pension

The Government announced that next year it will initiate a reform in the disability pension after two years ago the benefit rate of disabled children had increased.

Finance Minister said that this reform will affect those who, due to their disability, cannot be in a position to work and therefore they will complement the pension income with employment income. This means that from next year a reform will be made in this sector where three levels of payments will be established, according to the disability level.

The first level will affect those disabled persons who cannot participate in the labour market according to the Barthel Index. Such persons will receive an increase in the highest rate of benefit and gradually the rate will be equivalent to the net amount that a persons receives from the Minimum Wage.

The second level will be similar to the current payment and will embrace those persons whose disability falls in the parameters of the Social Security Act and are working or able to work. The Government will conintue with the reform through which hundreds of disabled persons entered the labour market for the first time.

The third level will gradually include disabilities that are still not covered by the law and those who do not receive benefits. This means that persons under 60 years of age who have a missing leg or arm are today not considered as disabled persons as far as the Disabled Pension is concerned.

For those in the second level, the employment income will no longer be considered in assessing the ‘Karta r-Roża’, and the Minister said that therefore justice will be made with disabled persons who need medical attention.

Another measure in the Budget concerns persons who receive the Disability Pension and are eligible to free medicine, will start receiving the Karta r-Roża for a year and not for three months as it is today.

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