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Relatives of suspended carer upset – insist elderly man hit his face against bed as he was going to fall

Following the suspension of a carer at St Vincent de Paule on allegations of abuse of an elderly man, relatives of the carer insisted with TVM on what happened on that day and the suffering they are passing through due to the allegations which they say are totally unfounded.

Everything started from a photo uploaded on the social media showing an elderly man with face injuries. The person who uploaded the photo insinuated that this was a case of abuse at St Vincent de Paule.

Visibly tearful, a member of the carer’s family said that events occurred to the contrary of what was alleged. She said that this was an unfortunate accident when the carer was alone assisting the elderly get into bed and he moved away to assist another patient. Meanwhile, the elderly man moved and was about to fall from the bed, with the carer running towards him and held him to prevent him from falling down. However, the elderly had already knocked his face against the bed’s barriers.

The person stressed that the elderly man is not able to speak and therefore he wasn’t the person who made the false allegations. She added that the carer, although passing through a difficult time and he is not even eating, is continuously inquiring about the elderly’s condition following the injuries he suffered.

The woman stated that the carer has been working in his current job for the past five years and sometimes he stays after work to voluntarily assist residents.

This persons said that the carer’s family is shocked with the hard comments made against him and that the carer and his partner, who is seven months pregnant, have cancelled their Facebook profile on the advice of the Police to avoid ending up as victims of bullying and retaliation.

The relative also expressed her sorrow for the lack of security cameras in the wards, saying that if they were installed, as cameras are at other places such as playschools, the carer would not have been unjustly suspended.

TVM also spoke with a member of the elderly person’s family, who said they do not wish to comment while an investigation is ongoing. The relative said she only wants justice.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Parliamentary Secretariat for Active Ageing said that the elderly man will be released from Mater Dei later on today, and will return to San Vincenz de Paule residence.

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