Releaf Malta makes a number of proposals toward cannabis reform

Releaf Malta, a NGO which works towards the legalisation of cannabis, is proposing that the police carry equipment so that if a person is caught with cannabis, especially during a road block, they can weigh it on the spot and not be taken into custody.

This is one of the proposals being made by this Association which is in favor of the Government’s proposal to reform cannabis law.

Releaf Malta is proposing that people who have had court cases related to cannabis, and have not been found guilty of violence or serious crimes, have the same opportunity to be part of the reform.

It insisted that most of the cases were those of sharing, which the Police erroneously interpreted as trafficking.

Releaf is also suggesting that the responsible authority consider providing facilities for organizations to test their products.

He referred to the proposal of no more than 50 grams as unrealistic and said that this would create a risk that more people would end up in court. Releaf is proposing 50 to 300 grams.

Another proposal is that cannabis organizations that fall under the act regulating voluntary associations will be administered by the Authority itself together with the Association by virtue of an agreement.

On the matter of sealed containers Releaf is proposing considerations for inappropriate costs, especially for small mergers.

Releaf also claimed that the proposal of no more than 500 grams of dried cannabis was disproportionate, considering that each association could have up to 500 members who could take up to 7 grams each, and therefore proposed that this number is proportionate to the number registered.

Regarding the 20 seeds per month, Releaf is proposing adding the possibility of the Association providing up to a maximum of 4 cuttings (young plants in the first stage of cultivation) to its members.

In conclusion, Releaf insisted that the reform will be a catalyst to make Maltese society less divisive and more inclusive and that the proposed law would also address Malta’s criminal mayhem and give those adults who want to use cannabis responsibly, the chance to do so without fear.