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Released from custody after Police accused him of drugs and weapons possession

A 25-year old Marsascala man was arraigned in Court charged with trafficking in cannabis and cocaine possession, and also with possessing weapons.

The man denied the charges before Magistrate Josette Demicoli. Defence lawyer Dr Giannella Demarco requested a ban on the publication of the accused name. The request was accepted by prosecuting officers Inspectors Kevin Pulis and Mario Xiberras.

Inspector Pulis said that a joint operation was carried out between anti-drug squad, the criminal investigation department and district officers in connection with the Ħal Far murder. He added that an arrest warrant was requested against the man because he was of interest to the Police to assist them in the murder investigation.

The man was arrested two days ago, with the Inspector saying that weapons, ammunition and drugs were found at his residence however it resulted that he was not involved in the Ħal Far murder. The accused cooperated with Police and is assisting them in various other investigations. Therefore, the prosecution agreed with the request for a ban on the publication of his identity.

The Court also upheld the request for the man’s release from custody on a €15,000 bail guarantee and a deposit of €3,500.

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