Remanded in custody after assaulting Police officers and breaking car windows with metal bar in Qawra

A 25-year-old Nigerian national has been remanded in custody after being charged with assaulting Police officers who were arresting him regarding damage to car windows in Qawra.

Timothy Obiagebna, who lives in St Paul’s Bay, was arraigned before Magistrate Rachel Montebello and charged with assaulting two Police officers and slightly injuring them, failing to obey their orders, and damaging third party property.

Prosecuting Inspector Ryan Vella explained that Obiagebna was spotted by Police officers near Qawra church carrying a 20cm-long knife, a metal pipe, and a carving fork.

The Inspector added that the youth placed the items on the ground, but he started resting the officers when they arrested him, so much so that they had to use pepper spray.

Through his lawyer Daniel Attard the accused pleaded not guilty as charged. he was remanded in custody.