Rental car elevated from the sea-bed during clean-up

About three tonnes of waste was collected from the sea and on land in the vicinity of Paradise Bay during a clean-up operation organized by the Non-Governmental Organisation Zibel (Garbage), with the help of diver Raniero Borg and No to Plastic Malta . In yesterday’s clean-up operation volunteers found far more than they bargained for with many surprises in store for them at sea.

Environmental damage, particularly in the sea, caused by plastic has led to the establishment of the NGO Zibel which is organizing monthly cleaning campaigns. The Chairman of the Association Andrew Schembri said that the Association was collecting as much waste as possible, especially from the sea.

“Our Association is focused on cleanups, solutions, education, and awareness on plastics.”

In the last three years the Association has organized cleaning operations together with diver Raniero Borg and No to Plastic Malta. One such activity took place yesterday in the Paradise Bay area. About a hundred people amongst these divers, students and others, spent a day collecting waste from the sea and shore, waste that makes for a great environmental damage.

“Yesterday was an interesting cleanup because we found an iguana swimming in the sea, we picked up a rental car that had fallen into the sea, an engine and at paradise bay we always find a huge amount of plastics, styrofome and ropes on the rocks which get stuck there.”

The Association has also started using what are known as sea bins to collect waste from the sea. Using this device that operates under water and rises from time to time, waste is collected, among these small pieces of plastic and styrofoam that causes great damage to the marine environment.

“We have another project called seabin where we find sponsors for these units that have powerful suction and clean the sea of ​​oils, plastics and other things on beaches.”

Mr Schembri appealed to the public to look after the marine environment. He reminded us that plastic decays with time and is eaten by fish and ultimately ends up in the food we eat.

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