Repeat offender gets two year prison sentence after admitting to spate of thefts

A 29-year-old woman received a two year imprisonment sentence after admitting to six counts of fraud and theft.

Kim Borg Nicolas Virtu was accused of fraudulent gain in a case which dates back to February last year. A month later she stole money and other items from a supermarket in Gzira, while in April she stole a mobile phone and money from a parked car.

In May she committed two other related thefts. She was also accused of violating the conditions of previous suspended sentences.

The Court, presided over by Magistrate Doreen Clarke, considered the fact that the accused had co-operated with the police, her admission at an early stage, and her desire to undergo a drug rehabilitation program.

The court therefore sentenced her to two years in prison, extending two previous suspended sentences to four years. The Court also recommended that the woman be given the opportunity to undertake a drug rehabilitation program.