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Reports of dog fighting and illegal slaughtering of horses under investigation

While a legislation is being discussed in Parliament to enforce harsher fines on animal cruelty cases, allegations have been made that dog fighting has re-emerged and even accusations of the illegal slaughtering of horses at a farm, with their meat sold to feed exotic animals. Commissioner for Animal Protection, Dr Dennis Montebello, said that these reports are under investigation.

Dr Montebello said he cannot yet comment if he doesn’t have concrete proof on reports about the illegal slaughtering of horses and that persons are again engaging in dog fighting in the country. Dr Montebello added that these cases are being investigated by the competent authorities and that it is useless for him to speculate if there isn’t concrete proof.

Dr. Dennis Montebello stated “I wrote to the directorates informing them whether they noticed these alarming reports in newspapers and whether they read them; they tell me what action was taken; if what resulted was true or not; if horses are being slaughtered for meat or if dog fighting is ongoing and if this resulted, what steps have been taken”.

Parliament is currently discussing a law which will enforce stricter fines for those found guilty of animal abuse. 50 persons were arraigned in Court during the past five years on animal cruelty. Dr Montebello said that the legislation remains a formality if the monitoring phase for evidence and Court’s decisions, are not being effective enough. He added that the Director for Veterinary Services and the Director for Adequate Treatment of Animals have crucial roles in this chain.

Commissioner Montebello, who started assuming this role since October, told us that the absolute priority is having updated information to determine if the legislation’s implementation is effective enough.