Reports say schools to re-open on Monday

Reports in local newspapers said that schools will be re-opening their doors on Monday, as the Government will be cautiously relaxing the restrictive Covid19 measures.

A report in The Times has quoted sources close to the Government who said that the decision on whether schools will re-open on 12 April will be announced later on day.

It said that the decision to reopen schools was taken following advice by the public health authorities.

It is understood that during a meeting between the Supt of Public Health Charmaine Gauci, educational authorities and teachers, the authorities informed teachers that the decision was taken on the advice given by Prof Gauci who said that it is safe for teaching to resume in schools.

This is in the light of the fact that the majority of teachers have already taken the first dose of the vaccine and have already built up immunity against Covid-19. The second dose is expected to be given next month as planned.

Last Monday, the teachers’ union, MUT said that re-opening of schools should not be the first measure to be relaxed.