‘Repubblika’ asks Commissioner of Police to investigate Cutajar after she distributed oranges at care homes

The President of the organisation Repubblika Dr Robert Aquilina has presented a letter to the Commissioner of Police,  Angelo Gafa in which he formally informed him that MP Rosianne Cutajar had uploaded photos on Facebook showing that she had visited the residents of a care home, Smartcare Dar Pinto in Qormi in which she can be seen distributing oranges in plastic bags. Dr Aquilina said it is clear that this distribution of food is in breach of the General Elections Act and therefore Repubblika has formally requested the Police Commissioner to investigate Rosianne Cutajar.

Repubblika said that it expects the state’s institutions responsible for enforcing the disposition of the law in regulating clientelism, transactional politics and other abuses of the democratic process, to take timely decisive action so that these illegal practices are stopped once and for all.

It added that inaction over the years is one of the reasons that this corruption is widely accepted in our electoral system. Repubblika said that who ever does this is sure of enjoying full impunity. The letter added that it expects a confirmation from Commissioner Gaffa that a criminal investigation has been launched.