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Request for the truth to be made known about a postal envelope with a suspicious substance

Nationalist MPs Karol Aquilina, Jason Azzopardi, former PN leader Simon Busuttil and Euro-MP David Casa stated that two years have gone by since they had received an envelope in the post containing a suspicious substance, and they are still waiting for the truth and for justice.

In a statement, they said they had informed the Police about what they had received and had asked for an investigation. They added that they had cooperated fully with the Police, and some of them had given evidence in a magisterial inquiry.

After describing this case as a frame-up in their regard, they added that they had still not heard anything from the authorities about this serious case. They further stated that they had unofficially got to know the suspicious substance had included cocaine. They said that to this day they have not been informed about what investigations had been carried out, what resulted, and what action had been taken against those who they said had tried to hurt them.

They additionally stated that there are many persons in the country with the means, the interest and the intention of seeking revenge against them by trying to hurt them and their nearest and dearest.

They concluded by drawing the attention of the country institutions to the danger they said they found themselves in, and said they do not expect an attack on any one of them in order to take action.