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Rescued migrants will remain on vessel 13 miles outside Maltese territorial waters

57 irregular immigrants who were on a fishing boat that were intercepted between Tuesday and Wednesday, were rescued by the ferry boat Dar as Salam and in the coming hours will be transferred onto a Captain Morgan which is understood to have been leased by the government and will remain moored 13 miles off the Maltese coast.

It is understood that this arrangement was made by the Maltese government in accordance with communication that took place earlier this month with the European Commission in which it stated that during the pandemic crisis, the country’s resources were focused on working to curb the pandemic.

A government spokesman has confirmed the latest development in the irregular immigration saga. He added that Malta’s position has remained clear as far as rescue operations. He said that while Malta coordinated the rescue operation, he stressed that the Maltese ports were closed and insisted that now it must fall on the European Union to shows solidarity and take responsibility for these immigrants.

The government explained that while coordinating this rescue operation, it immediately initiated official contacts with the European Commission and all member states to relocate these immigrants to member countries. is informed that the 57 immigrants involved in this rescue operation are all men and are in good health.