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Research: Amount of sleep effects one’s appearance

Researchers from the Royal Open Science Society say an experiment they conducted showed that those who don’t get enough sleep look less attractive. If a person does not get enough sleep, even for just a few nights, this will effect the person’s appearance.

The researchers reached this conclusion after carrying out an experiment on 25 male and female University students. The students were asked to wear special equipment during the night, which monitored  whether they slept or not. During the first week they had to get a good night’s sleep on two consecutive nights, and during the second week  they had to spend two nights sleeping for just four hours. On both occasions the researchers photographed the students without any make-up.

The researchers then asked 122 persons living in Stockholm to scrutinise the photographs of the students and adjudicate on their appearance, based on how healthy they looked, whether they appeared tired and similar factors. It resulted that the public was less prepared to associate with students who appeared tired, and who they thought appeared o be less healthy. Tiredness was evident in the students’ appearance, and they looked less healthy.

Source: BBC

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