Research period on seven species of songbirds to start on Tuesday

The Government has announced that the period of research on seven different species of songbirds, namely the greenfinch, goldfinch, linnet, serin, chaffinch, the hawfinch,  and the Eurasian siskin will open on Tuesday 20 October until 20 December, both dates included.

Every songbird which is trapped will be checked to see whether it has been ringed and every bird needs to be released immediately. If the bird is not ringed it has to be immediately released without it being reported while those which are ringed will be released after their details have been listed on a ringing form issued in the name of the trapper who would have received a special licence.

The ringing form and the calendar with the dates when the trapper took part in the research will all be returned to MaltaPost according to what is indicated in the letter which all the trappers will receive in January 2021, even if the trapper has not trapped any ringed songbird or if he could not participate in the research.

The Gozo Minister reminded trappers that it is in their interest to be familiar with the contents of the registered letter they received, especially with all the conditions of the special licence.

Minister Clint Camilleri, while saying he looked forward to the first season when such research is being carried out, reminded trappers that no songbird which has been trapped for this purpose may be kept.