Research shows that people who had COVID-19 are at greater risk of depression and strokes

Researchers have found that people who had Covid-19 over the last six months are more susceptible to depression, dementia, psychosis and stroke. One third of those who were sick with the virus developed or were once again affected by a previous psychological or neurological condition. The patients who were admitted to hospital or intensive care were at even greater risk. This is probably a result of the stress they experienced, and the direct impact of the virus on the brain.

British scientists looked at the medical records of more than one million patients in the US and the chance of them developing one of the 14 psychological or neurological conditions including a brain haemorrhage, psychosis, mood disorders and anxiety.

The latter two were the most common in those who had Covid as a result of the stress they felt while they were very ill or when they were taken to hospital.  Strokes and dementia were mostly a result of the biological impact of the virus itself or as a reaction of the body to the infection.