Researcher sold everything he owned to develop cure for autism patients

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has inaugurated the new offices for the company AAT Research, the first company which will be operating from the Life Sciences Park in San Gwann. This will also serve as a space for the development of a digital hub which will be dedicated to life sciences.

More than ten years ago, Adrian Attard Trevisan began a voyage which led him to develop a cure to help autism patients reduce their symptoms. He was motivated to develop the medicine because a friend’s son was suffering from a similar condition. After obtaining two doctorates from the University of London and Milan University, Dr Attard Trevisan continued with his research which led to him developing this therapy. The next step was to commercialize this therapy and in 2012 he set up the company, AAT which today employs 30 researchers.

During the inauguration of the new offices and laboratories, Dr Attard Trevisan said that the company would continue to focus on developing a cure and therapy for conditions such as autism, epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

“It was not easy, as we have been struggling for the last four to five years to make this happen. We believe greatly in applied research, in other words research which we share with a number of universities, however ultimately, we will bring products and therapies which are not only viable for the Maltese market, but internationally,” said Dr Attard Trevisan.

PM Joseph Muscat said that the Government would continue to offer support to the research and development industry. Dr Muscat said that the Life Sciences Park, which includes a digital hub in San Gwann, will continue to maximize the potential of Malta in the biomedical and technological industries.

“What you are seeing today is a project which began when we began speaking over the last three years with the Euro scientists whom we know. This is a person who sold everything he had in order to create and register the patents on his research which is today considered cutting edge. In the field of autism, as well as other related fields such as depression, traditional cures are being combined with information technology by means of technology.”

The Prime Minister said that the Government was taking decisions which are based on the roadmap it had with the aim of attracting further investment in niches such as this, from local and international companies.

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