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Residents near construction sites to be given right to appoint architect to be paid by site developer

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that reforms in the building and construction industry, is a further step toward the attainment of standards and scrutiny for the country to advance in this sector over the next ten years.

While speaking in Parliament on the Legal Amendment to establish a Board of Authority for the Building and Construction Industry, Dr Abela tabled a technical report that had been appointed on the death of Miriam Pace about a year ago and said this led to the first step of the appointment of a new Board.

The PM said the report had provided a legal basis for needed Amendments to act as a guide to methodology and good practices in the construction industry and included an office to oversee and enforce legalities and residents near a construction site are to be given the right to appoint an architect to survey proceedings and this has to be paid by the constructor.

He also said the Opposition will be enabled to appoint a person on the Board while the Government wants to improvement quality in the lives of people because this is one of the five main pillars of Government.

The Opposition Spokesperson for the Planning and Construction Industry, Hermann Schiavone, said the Law should be named after Miriam Pace because her death had prompted the movement for these reforms to be carried out. He said in this industry there had been various tragedies that go back to 2004 when two other persons had died.

Dr Schiavone maintained that the Opposition agree with the Amendments because these regulate this important sector to the economy and stated the Opposition will be voting in favour of the Amendments while also proposing changes in the Committee stage.

The Nationalist Party MP said the Authority will embrace functions of various entities in the construction industry and this is a step forward including that of surveillance and legal enforcement in the construction industry.

Dr Schiavone said enforcement will ensure that nobody will be able to do what they want to the detriment of third parties. He said it would have been beneficial that partial enforcement be carried out although not on all construction sites as a long as these do not present hazards to neighbours.