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Residents and students join forces to give a new look to Ħal Mula housing estate

A regeneration programme is planned for the Ħal Mula area in Ħaż-Żebbuġ following the drafting of a plan with the assistance of university students. The plan will be presented to the Housing Authority by the end of June.

The Authority and the Local Council, together with residents, joined forces at the University of Malta to analyse the daily life of residents and also to identify the needs and aspirations of persons living in this area.

The analysis will lead to a masterplan on initiatives to improve the quality of life of the residents by creating innovative solutions for a sustainable environment. The University’s third year students at the Faculty of Built Environment spent long hours observing life in Ħal Mula, and spoke with residents to gather the needed information.

Social Housing Minister Roderick Galdes said that the pilot project is intended to strengthen the sustainable development and provide a design in which residents want to live in. The plan will identify open places in the Government housing estates so that the general environment in Ħal Mula will raise the quality of life of residents, also through vegetation for a greener environment and a complete integration.

Minister Galdes added that over 2,000 families who live in government housing estates benefited from an embellishment and maintenance programme during the past years.