Residents on island close to Venice are being vaccinated for Covid from the sea

In the centre of the Rome capital, Police are back to directing traffic from a podium in the middle of the road. But just 120 kms away, there is a city which is in great danger of being destroyed because of the damage caused by the elements. Residents of an island close to Venice are being vaccinated from the sea.

In Venice, a boat was changed into a vaccination centre in order to reach elderly residents who live in Venice on an island nearby, because they had logistical problems to reach other vaccination centres. Around 100 elderly people who live on the small island of Sant’Erasmo, in the lake of Venice were given either Astrazeneca or Moderna.

Piazza Venezja had not seen this type of scene with police directing traffic, in a while. Standing on a podium, the police officer in one of the busiest ares of the Italian capital ensures that vehicles keep moving.

100 years ago in Rome, the Police used to carry the wooden box to stand on themselves.  These days the podium rises automatically from under the paving. Although it has been ready for over a year, this device could not be used because of roadworks and because the effects of the pandemic meant that traffic had decreased considerably.

Police officer Cristina Corbucci said that she feels like an orchestra conductor while she is working.

She explained that the shift on the podium is 30 minutes long and then someone else takes over. She said that many women roll down their window to praise her for her work, while some men have a problem seeing a woman in authority.

This is the Civita di Bagnoregio in Italy, known as the city which is dying. Built on a hill, Civita di Bagnoregio is 3,000 years old and is very unstable and at the risk of collapsing. Due to earthquakes and rock slides, this city is now one third of its original size. The Mayor, Luca Profili, said that Civita di Bagnregio is built on clay and volcanic rock and is therefore very exposed to damages from the elements of rain and wind.

Civita di Bagnoregio today is only 300 feet wide and can only be reached by a bridge. This city and the valley around it are candidates to become UNESCO World Heritage sites.